Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Postdoctoral Fellow in Food Chemistry

This position is part of an institutional project between the National Institute of Arts & Sciences (United States) and Jimma University Ethiopia, based in the brand new Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University chaired by Professor Ali Eftekhari (Director of the National Institute of Arts & Sciences, and President of the American Nano Society).

Postdoctoral fellows can get certificate from the US partner, but the position is located in Jimma University, Ethiopia.

Since, this is an international collaborative projects, researchers may visit other groups in the United States for short-term exchange.

Depending on the department needs, the applicants are normally expected to teach at both undergraduate and graduate level.

The Project Topic

Ethiopia has an exceptional green nature in Africa, and thus, home of unique agricultural products. This projects to investigate natural food products.

Required Qualifications

➠ PhD in materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, or a closely related discipline.
➠ Background in food chemistry, organic chemistry, agriculture, or similar areas.
➠ Excellent oral and written communication skills (in English).
➠ Exceptional ability for contributing to cutting-edge research and writing research articles.
➠ Ability to work well in a dynamic and collaborative research environment.

The Criteria of Selection

This is an international research project, and applicants are expected to have exceptional ability to contribute to a world-class cutting-edge research. Although, common qualifications are considered, the main criterion is the motivation and ambitious for participating in a world-class research.

The Position Benefits

✔ Tax-free salary (externally funded for international applicants, which is normally 8-12 times higher than local staff).
✔ Home allowance.
✔ Flight ticket for the applicant and his/her family.

About the Place

☑ Jimma University is the nationally first-ranked university with over 40,000 students and 3,000 staff.
☑ The official language of education in Ethiopia is English from high school.
☑ Jimma city is the birthplace of coffee, where still the world\'s high-quality wild coffee grows.
☑ The exceptional pleasant weather of Ethiopia (normally ranging between 18 - 25 C).
☑ Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in Africa, and the largest ally of the United States.
☑ Ethiopia has the world\'s fastest growing higher education, and thus, a golden opportunity for exceptional experiences in academia.


Submit your application online here (one-page form). The application should include a resume, five selected papers. In the cover letter, please describe your role in each paper.


Jimma University
Nationally first-ranked university with over 40,000 students, 3,000 staff, 60 departments spread across 7 campuses. City: Jimma
Country: Ethiopia

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