Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Professor & Chair Dom Administration

The Department Chair has the authority and responsibility for the department to provide faculty physicians to perform patient care services under managed care or other similar contracts entered into by the university; provided that prior to executing the contracts, the Chair has an opportunity to review and comment upon the contracts and the feasibility of providing the services under the contracts.The duties are in support of the missions, goals and objectives of the SoM and the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The incumbent discharges the responsibilities in accordance with the rules and regulations of the SoM, OHSU; supervises, administers, develops and participates in instructional programs for medical students, residents, fellows, allied health students, continuing medical education, and others taught by the faculty of the Department; engages in, supervises and fosters research by the Department faculty; engages in clinical activities and supervises the care and management of patients; fosters opportunities for the Department to engage in public service activities; and develops and maintains effective working relationships with the community; and participates in SoM, OHSU and other committees as assigned by the Dean, and performs other academic responsibilities as appropriate. This appointment includes the administrative position of Chief of Medicine in University Hospital and clinics. As such, the Chief is responsible for all activities of all personnel of the Department of Medicine in the University Hospital and clinics as their supervisor. The Chief of Medicine reports to and is supervised by the Dean of the SoM.


Requirements include current MD license.


Oregon Health & Science University
City: Portland
Country: United States

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