Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Chemistry Postdoctoral Position

A research project to investigate the metabolism of biologically active secondary metabolites requires a postdoctoral fellow with a recent Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry or related field, a strong background in organic synthesis and extensive experience with HPLC analysis (diode array and mass detection). Additionally, experience in developing biological assays to determine bioactivity (antifungal, antibacterial, phytotoxic, cytotoxic) of secondary metabolites is an asset.


The successful applicants must have proven expertise in spectroscopic techniques necessary for chemical structure elucidation, particularly modern high field NMR spectroscopy and LC-MS. The required qualifications should be evidenced by a strong international publication record in the field.


University of Saskatchewan
City: Saskatoon
Country: Canada

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Only electronic applications are accepted, pdf files only. Candidates are invited to send their cover letter and resumé describing the most important research contributions relevant to the position to the e-mail shown below. Reference letters should be sent directly to the e-mail address below (at least two reference letters, one of which must be from current supervisor). Candidates whose first language is not English may be required to provide a certificate of English proficiency.
Professor M. S. C. Pedras Canada Research Chair in Bioorganic and Agricultural Chemistry
University of Saskatchewan
Department of Chemistry
110 Science Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5C9 Canada

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