Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Chairperson, Department Of Chemistry

Those responsibilities ascribed to a Chairperson by the "University & University Officers' Manual" including, but not limited to, the following:

- Develop and initiate long-range departmental programs, plans and goals.
- Manage administrative and technical staff.
- Administer departmental budget and other financial resources.
- Manage physical facilities and equipment.
- Recruit and select faculty in conjunction with committees.
- Evaluate faculty performance to determine tenure, raises and promotions.
- Plan and review curriculum, academic programs and courses.
- Obtain and manage (and assist faculty in managing) grants, gifts and contracts.
- Advise students on academic and/or departmental matters.
- Interact with administration on behalf of the department.
- Provide for the flow of information to the faculty to inform them of department, college and university plans and activities.
- Assign courses, research and departmental duties to faculty.


Have skills, experience and interest to manage the administrative affairs of the Department.


University of Vermont
Country: United States

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Apply for this Position

Applicants should submit a curriculum vita and a one-page vision statement that addresses a 5- and 10-year vision for the Department of Chemistry. The vision statement should also address the broad details of planning for a move to a new building and desirable directions for change within the Department. Applications should be completed within two weeks of the posting of this announcement (by November 20, 2013) or the notification of nomination.

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