Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

President And Vice Chancellor

Brandon University (BU) seeks a visionary, inclusive leader to drive transformative change. Dynamic, forward-thinking, and enterprising, our next President must inspire trust, build consensus, and motivate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader communities of BU to realize new successes and opportunities for the University and one another.

Your management style embraces transparency and accountability. You are collegial and student-focused, a respected scholar and administrative leader who values our University’s commitment to personal, interdisciplinary education.


In concert with your leadership team, you will work collaboratively with all constituents to foster innovation and growth, review and develop programs, and enhance excellence and relevance in research and education. With the University’s current strategic plan as a starting point, you will plot a course differentiating and strengthening BU for the next decade and beyond, expanding the University’s horizons nationally and internationally. With political acumen and a commitment to equity, you will forge strong relationships within BU and with our many external partners, including government and funders, ensuring the sustainability of Brandon University and building our brand with integrity.


Brandon University
Country: Canada

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